Raphaël Doursenaud

I just received my brand new metronome and began tinkering with it.

The device revolves around an ARM Cortex-M3 platform from ST Electronics (the STM32F103) and a wireless chip from Microchip (the MRF24J40MA).

The USB mode is fortunately class compliant and is seen as a standard MIDI device.

The proprietary …

mar. 19 octobre 2010

Here’s a patch allowing the blackmagic kernel module to

build against 2.6.36 linux kernel.

Signed-off-by: Raphaël Doursenaud 


diff -Nurp DeckLink-7.9rc7/blackmagic_core.c DeckLink-7.9rc7-2.6.36/blackmagic_core.c

--- DeckLink-7.9rc7/blackmagic_core.c   2010-10-19 12:08:30.153000030 +0200

+++ DeckLink-7.9rc7-2.6.36/blackmagic …

I’ve started reverse engineering the windows USB driver using qemu, wireshark and the linux usbmon interface in order to hopefully write a Linux driver for this device.

Here’s the commented out first sniffed traffic :

No. Time Source Destination Protocol Info  


3 0.013662 host 9.0 USB GET …
mer. 01 septembre 2010

Here’s a patch allowing the blackmagic kernel module to

build against 2.6.35 linux kernel.

diff -Nurp DeckLink-7.6.3/blackmagic_lib.c DeckLink-7.6.3-2.6.35//blackmagic_lib.c

--- DeckLink-7.6.3/blackmagic_lib.c 2010-04-19 05:30:38.000000000 +0200

+++ DeckLink-7.6.3-2.6.35 …
dim. 29 novembre 2009
xw8000 pinout

Notice that the front panel (HD) audio and USB headers are standard Intel headers pinouts.

dim. 23 août 2009


setarch i386 make xconfig


make-kpkg clean


DEB_HOST_ARCH=i386 make-kpkg --arch i386 --cross-compile - --rootcmd fakeroot --revision 2.6.X --append-to-version -VERSION-`date +%Y%m%d`-1 linux-image

Remplacer la révision et la version par ce qui est voulu.

Je peux enfin compiler un noyau pour eee …

mar. 23 octobre 2007

dget -x http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/alsa-firmware-0708231740/alsa-firmware_1.0.14rc4+dfsg1-0ubuntu1.dsc cd alsa-firmware-1.0.14rc4+dfsg1/ fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage cd .. sudo dpkg -i alsa-firmware*.deb