22 Fév 2017

Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32 teardown

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22 Fév 2017

Soundcraft MADI-USB teardown

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17 Mai 2015

Soundcraft Si Compact 16 teardown

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Taking it apart

All descriptions are seen from the back of the unit with the unit lying flat in it’s orientation of operation.

  • Black and white cable with 2 pin white connector goes on the right.

  • Red connector with 8 black cables goes to the connector that’s farther with cables going in the back direction.

  • 4 leads power connector goes on the right.

  • 6 leads power connector goes in the middle 6 pins connector


SD card

2 GB San Disk




  • Read: 10.4 MB/s
  • Write: 4.8 MB/s
  • Access: 1.77 ms

Power supply

  • Make: Sunpower
  • Model: SPX-0593



AC 115 V 3.8 A – 230 V 2.3 A (47-63 Hz)


DC 150 W

  • V1: 5 V – 20 A
  • V2: 15 V – 8 A
  • V3: -15 V – 1 A

Power distribution and misc I/O board

Main board

Lexicon multi-effect daughter board

Fader board

Control board

Input board

Output board

Optional: MULTI DIGITAL I/O board


12 Mar 2015


Category: Audio,GNU/Linux,Hardware,TeardownsRaphaël Doursenaud @ 3 h 49 min

Just got myself this nice little USB audio and MIDI interface.

It works great!

Full support out of the box on Android on all modes using Audio Evolution Mobile and USB Audio Recorder PRO from http://www.extreamsd.com and even native support in Lollipop (5.0) in « TAB » mode.

On the Linux side of things, I was pleased to see full audio support (fairly recent kernel 3.18.6) but MIDI was not working out of the box.
Fortunately, I found that Daniel Mack (@zonque) had already cooked some patches.
Here they are:
Hope these will get pushed upstream soon!

Update: The patch has been merged upstream. Thanks Daniel!

Oh, and if you’re an hardware freak like me, you’ll love seeing what’s in its guts.
Here are the photos of the teardown.

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02 Mai 2014

Soundcraft Si Multi Digital Card

Category: Audio,GNU/Linux,HardwareRaphaël Doursenaud @ 9 h 20 min


Once the firmware is flashed from a Windows or Mac OS machine, the device is seen as USB class compliant.
This means it doesn't need any drivers to work with Linux and works out of the box with Android and maybe iOS USB recording software.
Didn't try the Firewire part yet but its supposed to not need any driver on Mac OS X, so I suspect it's also a standard implementation.
Will report further experimentations later.

[EDIT] 2016-01-09
Finally took the time to have another look.
Firewire is not currently supported by FFADO.
Will do my best to try and figure it out.
Further informations will likely end up in my GitHub repo.

[EDIT] 2016-01-14
Takashi Sakamoto's doing an awesome job of figuring out the interface.
Follow this thread on the FFADO mailing-list for live progress.
Kudos to Takashi! He really knows his stuff.

17 Sep 2005

Hey Dude Where’s my Oil

Category: AudioRaphaël Doursenaud @ 12 h 00 min

Music from : http://www.hearmymusic.co.uk/

I’ve played/sequenced a drum part for this blues song :
MIDI track (Drums only)
Audio track (Drums only) Wave file : 27,7MB
Unmastered full audio track Wave file : 27,7MB

17 Sep 2005

Natural Studio Kit Free 7 for Hydrogen

Category: GNU/Linux,SamplesRaphaël Doursenaud @ 12 h 00 min