02 Mai 2014

Soundcraft Si Multi Digital Card

Category: Audio,GNU/Linux,HardwareRaphaël Doursenaud @ 9 h 20 min


Once the firmware is flashed from a Windows or Mac OS machine, the device is seen as USB class compliant.
This means it doesn't need any drivers to work with Linux and works out of the box with Android and maybe iOS USB recording software.
Didn't try the Firewire part yet but its supposed to not need any driver on Mac OS X, so I suspect it's also a standard implementation.
Will report further experimentations later.

[EDIT] 2016-01-09
Finally took the time to have another look.
Firewire is not currently supported by FFADO.
Will do my best to try and figure it out.
Further informations will likely end up in my GitHub repo.

[EDIT] 2016-01-14
Takashi Sakamoto's doing an awesome job of figuring out the interface.
Follow this thread on the FFADO mailing-list for live progress.
Kudos to Takashi! He really knows his stuff.

6 Réponses à “Soundcraft Si Multi Digital Card”

  1. timbiker a dit:

    Did you already tried the firewire ports on linux with firebob/jack ?

    I am very interested in it but cannot afford to buy it just to try.


  2. Raphaël Doursenaud a dit:

    I’ve found out that my Firewire interface was partially fried when I tried last time.
    I fixed it recently but have yet to find the time to get it close to the mixing console.
    Will do further testing ASAP.

  3. timbiker a dit:

    did you have a final word on the firewire testing ?


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